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Wet wet wet


Oh my! It has rained consistently for the past two days and I am damp and developing a nasty case of trench foot. Can you get 'trench other parts of the body'? I think I'm in danger. So Marley and me are holed up in Bertha making occasional forays to the shower block, shop, quick walks etc and trying to stem the flow of water and mud in the van.

Lots of reading. One of the books tells a tragic tale of a poor man with an amnesia syndrome caused by heavy consumption of alcohol. But I can't remember what it is called.

I was rather hoping for, if not enlightenment, then at least an epiphany or two, but I don't seem to have much luck in that department. Must try harder!

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Serenity proves to be elusive today


It was such a beautiful morning and so after the morning chores and ablutions it was time to head for the beach. I got the map out (!) and it looked about 4km but quite complicated so I asked the lovely guy on reception which was the best way. He showed me on the map but warned me that there was a stile which might prove tricky with the dog. Pah! Stiles were not going to hold back mad woman and mad dog. However, the stile was surprisingly high. At 5' 3" I could get over it without damaging my anatomy - just. I managed to coax Marley over it - just. And we proceeded to plough our way through waist high barley, hefted the very heavy gate at the other side of the field till we reached the next stile - same height. On the other side of this one were two very malevolent loooking bulls. Pah! However 10 mins of coaxing would not persuade Marley over so eventually I had to concede and we headed back. Except now I couldn't get Marley back over the stile. A very kind gentleman on the campsite came to our assistance and between the two of us we managed to carry him over. So a quick pitstop and back to try another route. A little way down the road we headed off on a footpath taking us over a hill till we came to a 3 way fork. Bugger the map. Let's go the lovely big wide path directly up and over the hill. Aah the sweet smell of bracken reminds me of my childhood. At the top of the hill there were spectcular views of Gower in every direction. But the path petered out. So we had to push our way through chest high bracken to come back down to the path which circumnavigated the hill and brought us back to our start.
Starting to grumble but still determined. So we walked along the road into Llangenith, along the way seeing lots of footpaths which were barred to us by particularly high stiles. Just for full context, the roads are very narrow, with no footpaths, so every time a caar goes by we have to squash ourselves into the hedge.
Finally I find a footpath with a swing gate which was very poorly maintained and involved pushing our way through reedbeeds but finally we did get to the beach, but not in the best of humours.

Marley had a wonderful time racing around like a silly arse, forgetting who his mum is and chasing after another lady leaving me doung the embarrassing MAAARRRRLLLLLEEEEEEYYYY. Then doing a huge dump on the beach before chasing off into waves with two other labradors leaving me standing with the poo bag dangling from my fingers - not in the best of humours.

On the way back I saw a footpath going in the right sort of direction with a swing gate and thought - it must be a swing gate sort of footpath and sure enough there was another ..and another. Strangely we passed a field of alpacas at which point I thought the day was having some kind of hallucinatory effect. After climbing for 10 mins we came to a ...goddamn stile. I was ready to rip someone's head off and the air was blue with my curses. The anger gave me energy and I managed to lift Marley over it only to be met at the end of the field by another one. This time Marley got quite distressed and it took a while to calm him, and myself, down and once again carry him over.

I am thinking back to my original plan to lose my irritability and gain some patience. I would say that today has been a setback.

So here I am, 6 hours later with a glass of wine basking in the late afternoon sunshine with nothing to show for it but a story and aching bum muscles. If this doesn't get rid of the love handles nothing will

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A Disgrace

Just a quick rant about Swansea. What a drab and depressing place is the town centre. Little has changed in the last 30 years and it is shabby and rundown with many businesses closed and many others run with no pride. What is going on at the City Council to have managed to get away for so long with achieving so little? It really upsets me.

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semi-overcast 19 °C

Horizontal rain is not going to deter Marley and me from our daily constitutional, so we saw Jo off - our first visitor then faced the first challenge of getting water on board. This meant shifting Bertha's bulk to the water tap. Then I had to shift it again to get closer the hook up or electricity supply so that I could get the wine chilled for Dee's impending arrival. It's all about priorities. Then set off into the driving rain with Marley. This time I kept him on the lead so we could circumnavigate the cowpats, not fancying a variation on a theme. Then I trotted off to the shower block with the obligatory sponge bag and towel - much better now - don't smell. I cleaned up Bertha and now I'm exhausted.

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Marley purges himself

Not recommended

sunny 20 °C

I hadn't figured on the lack of reception down here so intermittent blogging it is.

Big Bertha made it down to Swansea in record time (!) and I spent the first night in a car park where I was told the police turn a blind eye to unofficial stopovers. Well that's not the only thing they turn a blind eye to. This is where the disaffected youth of Gower spend their Monday nights drag racing. Which was a bit hair raising. Resolved to find a campsite.

No Marley those are NOT raisins!

Rule No 1 of Motorhome Living: Every time you open a cupboard something will fall out and land on your head.

Found my campsite.

Driving Big Bertha through the small country roads was knuckle biting. I passed a lorry so close that we both had to pull in our wing mirrors, then met the bus the lorry and a threeway gridlock. Until my angel appeared on the scene and talked us through it. It turned out that he was one of the owners of the campsite that I had booked. The same campsite that had a sign 'No Pets'. My angel sat me down, gave me a cup of tea, found me another site, and talked me through getting back up the narrow windy roads and steep hills. I asked him if he would like to come with me.

Found campsite no. 2 - large and impersonal but safe.

And Marley and me have walked and walked in such beautiful scenery - exactly what the doctor ordered and at last I feel the knots unravelling . Marley had an all you can eat buffet of sheep poo, while I sat on a driftwood log on a beach and ate a peanut butter sandwich and contemplated. I came to the conclusion that I have been a bit of an arsehole and for that I am sorry, and will resolve to be better in future.

I have just discovered that the Welsh word for essential is Hanfodol.

All that sheep poo must have been too much for Marley's delicate constitution and I was woken to the dulcet sounds of him hurling all over Bertha. By the time I had scrambled on some clothes and kicked him outside he had vomited three times but cleared up one himself. I'm sure that's not a good idea. In my refusal to get up before 6 I went back to my bed with a cup of tea which I then spilt all over the bedclothes so back to mum's for the washing machine. It could have been a better start to the day.

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