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Part 2 - The Adventure Continues..

.. at a snail's pace

sunny 23 °C

Two days at home have achieved a full body scrub, a couple of nights of blissfully comfortable sleep, a cleaned up unpacked and repacked van and we are off in the morning. Roughly, the plan includes Ayr, Loch Lomond, Oban, Fort William, Loch Ness, Isle of Skye and ending up at Solfest in Cumbria. But we'll see how things pan out.

So, in spite of the weather today being beautiful in Reading, the forecast for Scotland for the next few days looks rotten. Wellies packed.

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Part One draws to a close


Marley and me are packing up now to go back to Reading. This has been a fantastic little adventure and just what I needed. Time to think and remember who I am and what's important. Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of support and encouragement, and especially to Jo, Dee and Bridget for trecking down here to share the fun.

Now it's a dull day and I am really looking forward to going home, firstly to see Ben and Sam but followed verly closely by a desperate need to get in the bath. After 3 nights in a field I am really skacky but happy.

We will probably leave for the Scotland trip on Tuesday so more from me then.

Love and hugs

Jane xx

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Blown Away


We finally packed up and left Gower for Manorbier (pronounced man o' beer) in Pembroke. Another minor epic journey taking 2 1/2 hours to do around 50 miles. We got caught behind a convoy of 8 houses with police escorts. We were only 5 vehicles behind so must have just caught them. How lucky is that! The end of the journey was a little knuckle whitening as I took a single lane for the last 5 km before arriving at a field in Skrinkle Bay which looked like heaven. Marley immediately made his presence felt withe local bitch and his owner - Dave Peckham, I kid you not. He was looking for some company so I took round a bowl of raspberries. It turns out he is a mild-mannered janitor, by day. He commented on how brave I was doing my mini adventure, then added 'and manly'.

Marley and me have just done another 4 hour walk on a very windy day. I don't think I've got any cobwebs left.

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Momentary Perturbitude


The rain did stop and the sun came out and Bridget, Marley and me had a beautiful afternoon walking along Whitford Sands. I was slightly perturbed by the signs warning of possible unexploded mines and the absence of anyone else on the beach, wondering for a brief moment if my friend doesn't love me after all.

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The Cookery Blog


This was going to be a challenge going from 2 ovens, 7 gas burners and a full complement of kitchen utensils ..to two burners. I made the mistake on the first night of frying garlic which made the van stink and now I am caught in the trap of cooking with garlic every night so my sense of smell is overwhelmed and shuts down. Problem solved. So I have made salad with garlic croutons, lentil curry (haha-makes me think of Neil from the Young Ones), turkey stir fry, garlicky beefburgers and I have discovered the joy of a fried sandwich - don't knock it till you've tried it - with cheese all hot, melty and stringy.

So my top tips:
Peanut butter spreads on most things for a quick snack and in extremis can be spooned straight from the jar.
Sweet chilli sauce covers up most culinary disasters
A proper whistling kettle makes you feel like you are doing it right

Rule No. 2 of Motorhome Living:
Get ready for your standards to drop as you relax and frankly can't be arsed

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