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Big Bertha is singing so it must be all over

sunny 16 °C

Well I am feeling a little crestfallen after the calamities of Thursday, but I have contacted a couple of doctors and have Bertha checked in for a series of minor ops and I live in hope that she will be all mended before handover. Talking about living in hope ...

We have spent the last 2 days at Solfest in Cumbria and it makes a fitting grand finale in a friendly and well meant, hippy, veggie way. We did some whittling, and watched some mediocre performances along with a couple that were dreadful and a smattering of really rather good. There was a procession of people dressed as vikings, prawns, pirates, people in fat suits, a smurf and a couple of bananas, nearly all in a state of mild inebriation, with yours truly being one exception. Living in hope as I do, I turned up expecting to be able to get some cash somewhere on site ... but no. So I had to concentrate my meagre funds on essentials like food, and a gangster hat for Sam.

So now that my mini adventure is all over, I feel really glad that I did it, but can't remember why I did exactly. But right now, post holiday, life feels simpler and bigger somehow. The huge Scottish landscapes filled me with awe and a sense of smallness. The Welsh coastlines were beautiful and swept me clean. Now I am back home with Ben and Sam I feel peaceful and happy.

Well that's the end to this blog. Thank you for the lovely comments that kept me writing and I am already looking forward to the next one.

Big love to you all xxx

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sunny 16 °C

Spent a long long day driving from Fort William down to Solfest in Cumbria. Had 3 prangs! List of things to fix:
1 far side bumper corner
2 the bit that goes under the door
3 flue cover
4 grille cover
5 indicaor light
6 wing mirror
7 water tank stopper
8 skylight
9 door lock
10 door fix

Could be worse!

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The Skye is Blue

sunny 19 °C

It nearly always rains in Skye. The forecast was for rain and it was indeed raining. So the little band of stoics, fortified by a sausage and beans breakfast set forth on a sightseeing trip of the island. We stopped at a little museum of olde worlde rural life, showing how the people of the island used to farm, fish, weave, smith and live. My impression is that Skye today is not so far removed from this past. We also saw the grave of Flora McDonald, upon whose tombstone Sam placed a clover and a buttercup to remind her of her margarine years. Although as competitive products I imagine her turning in her grave.

Then, surprisingly the sun came out. The scenery was lifted and did become quite magical.

The next morning we set off for the start of our trip back south heading for Fort William. It was again a beautiful morning. Strangely, after driving for 5 minutes it started to rain and carried on for most of the journey. A stunning trip nonetheless. arriving at the campsite we scanned the mountains to see which one was Ben Nevis. I confess we had a quick peek at Wikipedia and when we looked up, there was one mountain exactly like the picture. Exactly. Guess that's it then kids. Instead of climbing it we took a taxi into town and had a lovely meal.

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Next stop Uig

rain 16 °C

Sometimes it is right to trust your instincts over the satnav. Sometimes not. Today was one of those days where it was not. But I did anyway. So after a few loops of Inverness we were headed out on the road that took us along ... the real Loch Ness. Which really is very big. If I were a monster I would choose Loch Ness to hide in.

It drizzled persistently for the whole trip and even so, the scenery was breathtaking. To be honest, by the time we reached Skye I was awaed out. A short stop to see a film on the landscape of Skye had the kids dragging on my arms and yawning ostentatiously. But we did find out some interesting facts about the re-introduction of sea eagles to Skye. 200 strong so far. Let's hope.

We ended our trip in Uig which consists of a few houses, a ferry port where ferries leave to a couple of islands in the Hebrides, a pottery shop and a couple of cafes and bars. Lacking the stamina to cook we went to the restaurant at the end of the road where I tried a Talisker - the local whisky - but didn't like it. Shan't be bringing any of that home. Sorry.

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Slight Miscalculation


We did a quick trip into the lovely little town of Aviemore to get a decent breakfast. Huge piles of scrambled eggs, french toast, bacon and maple syrup, lungfuls of coffee and hot chocolate. Then a quick glance at the map before heading off to Loch Ness. Less than an hour's drive, quite straightforward. Feeling cocky. We got straight the campsite on the side of the loch. Sitting on the side pondering, thinking its much brighter and the shores more populated thn I was expecting. Hang on a minute. There's no bridge across the top of Loch Ness. Its a mistake anyone could make (see photo of Beauly Firth).

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